LOG-ON / LOG-OFF with RFID and Biometrics

LOGON is a cost-effective solution for PC log-on and log-off  utilizing your organizations existing  access badge and network infrastructure. Log-on provides  both  convenience and security for your network workstations, windows sessions and applications.

PROTECT information and property from theft, corruption or natural disaster while allowing information and property to remain accessible to its intended users.

ISLOG Logon is a logical access software compatible with most of RFID cards on the market.

Logon can easily link the physical and logical access system. By using the company card to authenticate a user on workstations, the concept of the “multi-application” card becomes a reality.

Logon can also used “tokens” which let users to authenticate themself with certificates and then, during a configured period, to use a second identification with RFID.

Logon provides the highest security level with certificates and the usability of RFID technology.

A biometric version of ISLOG Logon is available with the HITACHI Finger Vein reader. For additional biometric support please contact ISLOG Americas.

For more information on ISLOG LOGON, take a look at the datasheet:
pdf_ico Data Sheet

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